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Tire and Alignment Services in St. Cloud, FL by FloState Auto Diesel Repair

Tire and Alignment Services in St. Cloud, FL

The tires and wheels on your car, SUV, or truck are one of its most important components – they play a part in deciding your safety, handling, control, and more on the road. You have the ultimate responsibility to take care of them so that you can get the most wear out of them as possible.


At FloState Auto Diesel Repair in St. Cloud, FD, we are here to help whenever you need tire mounting, tire balancing, tire rotations, wheel alignment, flat repair, tire inspections, and more. We employ ASE master certified Technicians who are experienced with working on nearly all foreign and domestic vehicles. Our friendly tire specialists aren’t just here to help you find the right tires to fit your car, but we also provide quality services to make them perform better and last longer.


We offer a variety of tire services here at our St. Cloud shop to help enhance your vehicle’s reliability and safety on the road. When you have worn tires or damaged tires, turn to the team at FloState Auto Diesel for quality tire and wheel solutions. We have access to a wide selection of brands.

Some of the tire brands we sell include the following:

  • Nitto
  • Toyo
  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Continental
  • … and numerous more!

Some of the wheel brands we sell include the following:

  • Fuel
  • XD
  • American Force
  • Black Rhino
  • …and more!


From the start of your tire’s life to the finish, you’ll be taken care of every time you choose FloState Auto Diesel Repair for tire and wheel alignment services. Once you pick your set of tires and wheels, we can mount and balance them in our state-of-the-art facility.

Wheel balancing is a wonderful maintenance service that helps eliminate wheel vibrations and more. We have a Hunter Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer that allows us to balance Road Force tires.

What Are the Benefits of Road Force Balancing Tires?

  • Corrects wheel vibration caused by rim and tire runout & wheel-mounting error
  • Serves as quick troubleshooting/solution for wheel problems
  • Identifies why your vehicle may be drifting or pulling
  • Promotes even tire wear
  • Enhances vehicle handling and overall driving quality


Another great way to increase the lifespan of your tires is by rotating their position regularly. Switching the position of your vehicle’s tires will ensure they wear evenly since some tires endure more pressure than others. When you combine this service with wheel balancing, it makes sure there is an even distribution of weight and allows every tire to wear down at the same rate.


FloState Auto Diesel can correct your wheel’s angles so that your tires can go in the right direction. Our techs are trained to use a Hunter Alignment Rack to perform alignment services on small cars up to medium-duty size F550 trucks. Our Mechanics will match the wheel and tires to their original specs to guarantee better gas mileage, proper road traction, and longer tire life.


If you believe that you have a flat tire or simply need help checking your tire pressure and treads, please don’t hesitate to visit our shop today! Our certified Mechanics are detail-oriented and thorough with tire inspections. When you take care of your tires, they will take care of you.

At FloState Auto Diesel Repair, we are known for being a “customer service business”, meaning that our customers are always our #1 priority. There’s no shop or dealer around that can match our level of workmanship and values of honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent perks, including early bird drop-off, after-hours pickup, overnight drop box option, and an extended 2-year/24,000 mile nationwide warranty on qualified repairs.

If you are looking for quality and dependable tire/wheel services or tire/wheel repairs, look no further than FloState Auto Diesel. We look forward to seeing you!

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