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Monthly Archives: November 2021

5 Car Items to Check Before Thanksgiving

5 Car Items to Check Before Thanksgiving

If you're planning to travel for the Thanksgiving weekend, there are five automotive services you should think about doing first. Even if you're hosting Thanksgiving at your house, you're going to be relying on your vehicle through the holidays. These services will prevent any headaches and ensure you can successfully get through your grocery store and holiday shopping runs.  BATTERY TEST Now, a battery test is a good idea, even if you don't have extravagant holiday travel plans. The weather is cooling down, and vehicle batteries do not generate as much power in colder temperatures as they do when it's warm. If your car's battery is at least three years old, we can test it to ensure it won't fail on you if your trip takes you up North. BRAKE CHECK A brake check is also never bad to turn down. Your brake pads should have enough surface remaining. We can also inspect your brake fluid to see if it's dirty, old, or too low. If you've noticed any ... read more

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