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Monthly Archives: September 2021

What Happens When You Put Diesel in a Car That Takes Gas?

What Happens When You Put Diesel in a Car That Takes Gas?

Putting diesel is not a common mistake that people make, but when it happens, it can be very dangerous. Don't worry - if you ever encounter this situation, you wouldn't be the first. Putting the incorrect type of gas in your automobile can be a nuisance and hassle to fix. Let's discuss the process of how a gasoline-consuming car reacts to diesel.    Most gas stations make it very apparent which pump is diesel or gasoline. It's usually labeled with words, and the pump is a different color (Diesel is typically green). The reason for such distinctions is so people don't make the same mistake. If you still choose the wrong nozzle to pump, what could go wrong with your gas car? You can expect the following events to take place: You can anticipate the vehicle to operate until the gasoline in your car's tank is completely used up. After your vehicle has burned through what's left of your fuel in the tank, then your engine will break down.  Once ... read more

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