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How Does a Diesel Engine Work?


Diesel engine vehicles are great options for those who need efficient and cost effective vehicles. While typically diesel engines were only seen in larger trucks, they have been growing in popularity among smaller vehicles. 

Diesel can have a bad rep - for some reason, they are seen as having bad emissions and black exhaust smoke. However, diesel engines actually are better for the environment and use less fossil fuel to run. They are extremely efficient, and can run smoothly under heavy loads. 

So, how exactly does a diesel engine work? First off, diesel engines use diesel fuel. This is a type of fuel that is uses compression rather than being ignited by a spark. It is derived from the same type of fuel that a standard gas engine uses, but it goes through a refinement process. Plus, there are new type of diesel fuel being developed using more sustainable sources called bio-diesel fuel.

In a standard gasoline engine, fuel is ignited using a spark plug. In a diesel engine vehicle, compression is used in the process to run the engine. These systems are extremely complex, and use high pressure to work properly. The take away is much better fuel efficiency and higher performance. 

Due to the high pressurized system, the first diesel engines used run very loud and smell terrible. Nowadays, there have been so many improvements to the diesel engine that have made them appropriate for a number of different vehicle types, not just semis. 

If you own a diesel engine vehicle, you have probably realized with trial and error that not every auto repair shop can handle your vehicle. It really does take specialized training and knowledge as a mechanic to understand diesel engines and how they operate. Here at FloState Auto Diesel Repair, we are the diesel vehicle experts in the area and are available to assist with all of your vehicle's needs! 

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