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How to Care for an Idle Vehicle

With the current pandemic still very much active, the day to day of most people may still look a lot different. Many students are now ordered to stay home and learn remotely, while others are still working from home. For this reason, you may find that you aren't driving your vehicle much or at all throughout the weeks or months. This may leave you wondering, do I need to care for an idle vehicle? 

While it may seem counterintuitive to have to do maintenance on a car that isn't in use, the truth is that idle vehicles still need care. When your vehicle doesn't run, it actually isn't good for it. Think of your vehicle as your own body - sitting on the couch for months at a time wouldn't be good for your health. When you get up and move, it helps get your blood pumping. This is the same with your vehicle - when it runs, the battery is charged and fluids move throughout important systems. Our vehicles need to run in order to stay healthy! 

So, how can you care for your idle vehicle? Most importantly, be sure to start up your vehicle and let it run for at least a good 20 minutes once a week. This will help fluids circulate and get the battery charged up. Go for a quick drive or use your vehicle to run any weekly errands, such as grocery shopping. 

You also want to make sure that your gas tank is always full if your vehicle is going to be sitting idle for a while. This is because an idle vehicle can have moisture build-up within the fuel tank, which can cause it to rust and corrode. It is also important to check your tire air pressure and fill them up to the proper pressure before your vehicle sits. If your car sits on low-pressure tires, it can cause the tires to deform and form bulges.

Another thing to note about an idle vehicle is that it still needs maintenance! If your oil change has come due, don't ignore it just because you haven't been using your vehicle as much. An idle vehicle can actually have very dirty engine oil over time, which can cause problems when you do start to drive your vehicle. Always make sure your maintenance items are taken care of on time, whether your vehicle is idle or is used daily. 

We hope that these tips will help you better understand how to care for an idle vehicle during these tough times. As always, if your vehicle is due for maintenance or service, we invite you to the experts here at FloState Auto Diesel Repair for assistance. Stop by or give us a call today! 

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