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Safety Tips for Tailgating This Fall

Fall season means the start-up of America's favorite sport - football! Nothing says football like tailgating. Firing up the grill, enjoying the company of others, and watching your team win or lose (hopefully win) is one of the fall season's best assets. Whether you're new to tailgating or it's something you've done for years, it's important to remember the following safety tips to make your experience as pleasant and fun as possible:

Be sure to store and cook your food properly! If you're planning on grilling meats, be sure that any raw meat is properly packaged to prevent cross-contamination and is chilled correctly to prevent spoiling. You might want to bring a thermometer along to check that meats such as chicken are cooked to the proper temperature. 

Have your vehicle inspected before any big events. A nice tailgate can be quickly ruined by a vehicle that won't start. Have a fall vehicle maintenance inspection performed here at FloState Auto Diesel Repair to ensure that your vehicle will remain reliable throughout the fall months. 

Use your grill safely. Having a hot grill near a vehicle means you need to take extra care. Be mindful that propane is flammable and keep away items that could catch fire. 

Don't forget about sun protection. Even in the fall, you may find yourself tailgating in the sun for hours. If this is the case, dress appropriately and use sunblock. Be sure to drink plenty of water too to keep hydrating, especially if you are partaking in consuming alcoholic beverages. 

Never drink and drive. Plan for a designated driver to get you and your buddies home safely. Never drink and drive!

Pick up after yourself. Make sure that you bring a trash bag to collect all of your trash to keep your tailgate area clean and prevent littering. 

Keep a close eye on your valuables. Don't leave any valuables visible in your vehicle and be sure to pack up things like your grill, tables, etc. before leaving the area. 

With that being said, go have fun! We hope that these tips help you remember to be safe when tailgating this fall. If your vehicle is due for its fall maintenance check, we invite you into FloState Auto Diesel Repair today!

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