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Ways to Protect Your Car's Paint Job

With regular use of your vehicle and driving through extreme weather conditions, your vehicle's paint job can begin to fade, lose its luster, and can rust. In order to protect the paint coat of your vehicle, taking certain measures with your vehicle can help prevent damage and keep your vehicle look its best. 

Here are some ways that you can protect your car's paint job: 

  • Try to always park in the shade if possible. Waxing your vehicle will help protect it under the sun, but the sun can start to fade the paint on your car with extensive exposure. 
  • Clean off bird droppings carefully, using a wet cloth and swiping upwards. 
  • Avoid accidently getting drops of gas on your vehicle after filling your tank - this can also damage the paint job. 
  • Get your vehicle washed regularly, because dirt can actually scratch your vehicle and run the outside coat. 
  • When you do get a car wash, we recommend a hand wash. Some rough machines at drive through car washes can cause damage to your vehicle, so a gentle and thorough hand wash and wax is your best option. 

We hope that these tips will help when it comes to protecting your vehicle from paint damage. If your vehicle is due for service or needs a repair, don't hesitate to give the experts a call today here at FloState Auto Diesel Repair. 

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