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What are Signs of Low Brake Fluid?

Low brake fluid is a very important issue that needs to be addressed, as if it goes unnoticed, your car may have issues braking which will lead to serious risk of your car, as well as life-threatening events. The absence of brake oil or low brake fluid will put your car at serious risk and lower the compatibility of the brake functions.

The braking fluid in your car supplies pressure to your vehicle rotors to come to a stop. In order to avoid your brakes malfunctioning as a result of low brake fluid, here are some signs that you need to check our brake oil.


If there is a leakage coming out of your car that takes the appearance of a residue, it is possibly a result of low brake fluid. The way this works is that the components in your engine being to wear off as a result of tears that impact the brake oil. As a result of these tears and malfunctioning components. You can also check for leakages by checking the fluid reservoir under the hood of your car.

Worn out Brake Pads

If your brake pads are worn out and aren't working as well, this will turn on your brake fluid light which means that your brake fluids are low and no longer supporting your brake.

Brake Lines

When steel components inside your vehicle wear out, the rust damages the brake line, thus causing a leak in the system which less brake fluid reaching the braking pads.

Dirty Fluid

When the braking fluid becomes worn out and stays in the vehicle for a long time, it becomes dirty and less effective to your braking pads.

Mushy Brake Pedal

If your braking doesn't work as well and seems off, this is most likely an indicator of moisture that has built up in the braking system, and as a combination with rising heat, has heated your car's system, thus making your braking efforts inefficient.

Warning Light

The biggest sign that your braking fluids have an issue is that your braking fluids light will turn on. This is an indicator that your car sensors see that something is wrong and they inform you.

If you believe that you have issues with low brake fluids, please feel free to come to our auto repair shop so that we may take a look.

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