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What Are the Top Signs of A/C Failure?

We are at the peak of the summer, and the worst thing that could happen right now would be a broken A/C system in your car. If you try to turn on your air conditioning and no air blows out, or maybe only warm air flows out, and it never gets colder, there’s something very wrong with your A/C. The A/C system is very intricate, and therefore there are numerous different reasons why the entire system can fail. Here are some of the most causes of A/C system failure we see at FloState Auto Diesel: 

  • Refrigerant leak
  • Failed compressor
  • Deteriorated refrigerant hoses
  • Mold or mildew buildup
  • Defective cooling fan
  • Damaged seal or hose

The most reliable way to ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning will work properly throughout the warmer seasons is to have your A/C system inspected by our expert team regularly. Routine A/C inspections should be a part of your regular maintenance routine. Being proactive will allow the mechanics at FloState Auto Diesel to catch minor problems early on before they turn extensive and expensive. 


If a problem exists within your vehicle’s air conditioning system, you may notice one or more of the following signs: 

  • Hot or warm air blows out of vents when A/C is on
  • No air coming out of vents (at all)
  • Low air pressure 
  • The temperature of air doesn’t match setting
  • Strange smelling A/C
  • Unusual noises when A/C is on

A/C Repairs in St. Cloud, FL

If you experience any of the problems described above, then there is no doubt you have an issue with your vehicle’s air conditioning. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by our shop today for top-of-the-line service! 

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