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What Is a Transmission Flush & Why Do I Need One?

A transmission flush is a method of removing sludge, contaminated, and aged transmission fluid from a vehicle's transmission system and displacing it with fresh and cleaner fluid. The process requires a specialized flush machine and replaces nearly 100% of the old fluid with fresh fluid. We offer this service at FloState Auto Diesel, and we will keep your transmission cool and lubricated. 


Your transmission is designed to transfer power to the wheels of your vehicle from the engine. By keeping the system in excellent condition, you'll protect your car against hazards and damage.


Why Should I Get a Transmission Flush?

  • It will prevent damage. The most valuable benefit of a transmission flush it's preventative capabilities. Your fluid can collect dirt and other contaminated particles that hinder it from performing at optimal levels. Due to the dirty solution, the transmission will overheat, interfering with accelerating and shifting functions. Additionally, infected fluid will also not provide the necessary lubrication and power for the transmission. 
  • It reduces repair costs. It is common knowledge that replacing or repairing a transmission is costly and time-consuming. Getting routine flushes will decrease the potential cost of repairing other parts of your car that can corrupt the malfunctioning transmission system. 
  • It improves engine performance. Getting the flush service will prevent problems, reduce repair costs, and overall improve the performance of the car's engine. When the engine is correctly lubricated, it will be powered at its best level. A better-performing engine means better gas mileage.

How Often Should You Get a Transmission Flush?

The intervals between each transmission flush depend on external determinants such as how you use your vehicle and your geographic region. If your car is taken care of and drives in a clean setting, the fluid would be in a better condition. You can also check your car manual for the manufacturer's requirements to follow the factory-recommended cycle. A good rule of thumb in the auto repair industry is to get a transmission flush every 30,000 to 50,000 miles


At FloState Auto Diesel, we have the best equipment, tools, and Mechanics in the area to service your vehicle excellently. If you require a transmission flush or any other auto repair service performed, bring your car to our shop today.

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